Maximise yields
through improved soil health

Improve soil health with
predictive paddock performance analytics

Know what inputs and resources
to apply to get the highest quality feed yields

Commodity Yield Management

Commodity Production Strategy

Define your Commodity Production Strategy using data collected from your farm.

Commodity Portfolio Planning

Plan the most efficient usage of your inputs, assets and resources to maximum commodity yields.

Commodity Production

Apply assets and resources efficiently to your crop or livestock, maximizing commodity yields.

Commodity Delivery

Guarantee authenticity, quality and traceability of your supply chain delivery to consumers.

Our Approach

High Precision Soil Scanning

Innovative High Precision, Non-Destructive Soil Sensors that scan and record data about your farms soil health.

Soil Condition Analytics

Soil Health Analytics and Intelligence that analyse the soil health sensor data in order to;
a. Assess Soil Quality and Performance for your given Commodity,
b. Identifying Soil Health Problems before they manifest themselves and
c. Recommend Soil Health Rehabilitation and Optimization actions to optimize yield for the given Commodity.

Mobile Work Management

Mobile GPS based work management system that leads your Farmforce to the Soil Health Hotspots and guides them through a precise and detailed step-by-step Rehabilitation & Optimisation Work Instructions